About Us
About the owner:
Grant Richards has been involved in electronics in one way or another since 1978. His first technical job was assisting in the installation of projection systems for movie theaters; replacing the old carbon-arc dual-projector setups with Xenon lamped single projectors. He then became a stage hand, and set up lighting and sound reinforcement gear for everything from medical conventions to large venue rock concerts.

After a stint at both retail and wholesale sales of electronics Grant got back into hands-on technical work as a phone system installer. At that time he also gathered experience in cabling and commercial A/V work. He became certified on several PBX platforms and earned his Journeyman's card. 5 years ago, while still working as a tech, he became an instructor in Oregon's Limited Energy Apprenticeship program, teaching classes in Amplified Systems, Telecom and Residential Technologies.
About the company:
NW TelTech is a licensed, bonded and insured Specialty Limited Energy contractor. Our CCB # is 200217.